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april 3, 2024

Liquid Staking on Polkadot with Bifrost’s vDot

Learn about Polkadot's liquid staking solution Bifrost, allowing for instant-withdraws using their vDOT and vKSM token.

Bifrost website

On Polkadot users can lock tokens and in return, receive rewards. Traditional staking mechanisms often lack flexibility and liquidity, posing challenges for users who seek to maximize their returns while engaging in decentralized finance (DeFi) activities. Bifrost, a liquid staking solution built on Polkadot, offers users the ability to stake their assets while retaining liquidity through its vToken mechanism.

At its core, Bifrost acts as a bridge between the world of staking and DeFi, addressing critical issues prevalent in proof-of-stake (PoS) ecosystems. One of the primary challenges it tackles is the paradox between staking rewards and DeFi yields. Traditionally, staked assets are locked up, preventing users from accessing their full potential in DeFi protocols. Bifrost's solution to this dilemma is the introduction of vToken, a liquid staking voucher token that allows users to convert PoS tokens into vTokens, unlocking liquidity while still earning staking rewards.

By minting vTokens on the Bifrost platform, users can stake their assets and retain control over them during the locking period. This flexibility allows users to participate in DeFi activities or respond to market opportunities without sacrificing their staked assets' security. Moreover, Bifrost's automatic staking management ensures that users receive staking rewards continuously, mitigating centralized risks associated with traditional staking protocols.

Another handy feature of Bifrost is its reduced unstaking period, facilitated by the Bifrost Staking Liquidity Protocol (SLP). Unlike conventional staking mechanisms that impose lengthy unstaking periods (28 days on Polkadot), Bifrost SLP enables instant-withdraw.

To learn more about staking on Bifrost, check out their website at

Arthur Hoeke
Arthur Hoeke
Co-Founder & CEO
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